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your friendly neighborhood loud, nerdy, goofy, & queer Utah wedding photographer

Welcome to my little piece of the internet! There are a lot of wedding photographers in the beautiful Utah, and I am honored you chose here to stop. 

I'm Ronnekia (she/her)! I’m a small town girl from Louisiana currently residing in Lehi, Utah and serving the entire state.  I love my people, music, pineapples and food. I am a student of life and I love to learn. I like to think I’m a comedian sometimes and I laugh at myself probably way too hard. Tell me a dad joke and I’ll probably cry lmao.

Most days you can find me outside recreating, whether that be snowboarding, paddling, or hiking. If I'm inside, I'm more than likely making music with my friends or belting out my favorite song lyrics, all the while singing the electronic and instrumental parts too. I am mostly known for my crazy laugh(s) that never come out the same way. People often refer to me as that goofy girl who cusses a lot and makes terrible puns and then cackles devilishly at them. I love serving the world by trying to help as many people as possible feel loved and seen. The things I am most passionate about in life are photography, music, traveling, and experiencing as much of this beautiful world that’s around us that I can.

I believe that love wins EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

As your go-to inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly Utah wedding photographer, I am honored to capture and document ALL love stories, regardless of gender, size, shape, race, ability level, or sexual orientation, in ways that honor your personhood and respect and appreciate the value you bring to the world. I take a documentary style approach and help you share your love story exactly the way it happens.

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